Compact. Fast. Accurate. Introducing Alpaca, a state-of-the-art blister pack dispensing robot from the world’s largest pharmacy automation equipment manufacturer.

Better patient medication compliance

Up to 25 percent of patients are non-compliant with their medication regime. Numerous studies show pharmacist intervention can lead to better medication compliance and improve patient health outcomes. myPak Solutions has a complete in-house end-to-end DAA solution to grow your pharmacy business.

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Unlike other automated packing machines, Alpaca’s small footprint requires minimal space, while significantly increasing pack output. With an Alpaca, a pharmacy will reduce the space required for DAA packing.


1.5 to 3 minutes per pack. Most scripts placed in 40 seconds! Loads 60 canisters at a time. Packs 25 to 40 packs per hour.


More accurate than manual packing. The Alpaca improves accuracy of DAA packing. Barcode technology matches foil to patient medications being packed.

Complete Solution

 myPak Solutions has a complete end-to-end DAA solution for community pharmacy.

Scale for future growth

With an Alpaca you can easily scale your business for growth without the need for increased resource.


Less than half the cost of some other machines sold in Australia. To learn more, contact us.

Improved Safety, Less Errors

QCPP compliant. More accurate. Barcode technology matches foil to patient medications being packed.

More Efficient Workflow

120 calibrated canisters tailored for your pharmacy. High-speed printer. Intuitive touch screen computer.

Less Stock, Better Cashflow

Reveals scripts owing & SOH using automated Virtual Pill Box software. Tidier Dispensary.


Gia, Owner of Inglewood Pharmacy in WA speaks about the Alpaca blister packing robot she purchased in July 2017

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